Are all Gompfs/Gumpfs related?
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I created this website with the goal of documenting Gompf (Gumpf/Gomph) families who went to North America (or Great Britain). Along the way I found that most Gompfs believe they are related and I decided to find out if that is true. As of now (Jan. 2012) I believe that the vast majority are related and I have linked many of the families together. My biggest challenge now is linking in the oldest branches: The Lancaster, PA Gumpfs and the Marion County, Ohio, Gompfs. I have started work on both lines.

This is a large task and I can't do it without help. If you have any clues for me, I would love to have them!

To see who the immigrants were, where they came from and how they are related, I have a list of Gompf Patriarchs. (As of May 28, 2011; I know more now and need to update this...)

In the summer of 2011, I received evidence that connects the Baltimore Gompfs and the Canadian Gompfs. A huge THANK YOU to those in Germany who worked so hard for us. We are amazed that we finally have answers we had been hunting for for generations. Find out more in The Gompfs of Nieder-Ofleiden.

Do you have any Gompf stories to share? Contact me!
NOTE: I will never knowingly publish data on living people, so don't let that worry stop you!

A word on searching and the spelling of the last name Gompf/Gumpf/Gomph: To get individuals with the last name Gompf, Gumpf OR Gomph, click on "Advanced Search" and change the "Last Name" box from "Contains" to "Soundex of" and then type one of the 3 ways to spell the name.

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If you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Some of the many ways I have seen “Gompf” spelled or transcribed (on U.S., Canadian and British Censuses and other documents): Campe, Gamp, Gamph, Gampp, Gauff, Gaupf, Gompf, Gomph, Gomphf, Gowpf, Grampp, Grumpf, Gumb, Gump, Gumpf, Gumph, Gunipp, Gunpf, Kompf, and Kumpf!
Spellings of Gompf I found in the Hessian Archives: Gomb, Gompf, Gumpf, Gumpff.
Possible variants from older times in "Germany": Gumpen, Gumpert, Gumb, Gumprecht.

John Gompf, 1825, Nieder-Ofleiden

Which branch are you from? Photo is John Gompf, 1825, Nieder-Ofleiden
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